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 I was meaning to have the next blog post on here be about the stuff I mentioned last time but didn't feel up to trying to explain and get more into since it wasn't the topic of discussion. That doesn't seem to be happening.

 I never did figure out a good way to explain that, the outfit thing, but the other thing I hinted at will be brought up this time so at least something is sort of as intended. Though it is not coming up in the way I intended it to be.

 I didn't intend the next post to be a spiral into questioning and wondering where I fit and if there will ever be a place of acceptance for someone like me with an identity like this.

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this space is square-sha, a space to be safetly be square and safetly explore square and the path to accepting square. S-sha is temporary proxy.
More information will later be placed on a page for those who want a more direct answer, as well as contact information here.

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